The VJ Mancuso Memorial Fund Mission Statement

The VJ Mancuso Memorial Fund, a non for profit organization founded in the memory of VJ Mancuso who courageously lost his battle of a severe congenital heart defect known as Hypo Plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This fund is dedicated to supporting children with special needs, helping organizations, individuals and families that made VJ’s short time in this world a full and happy life.

Some of following beneficiaries include:  Early Childhood Center of the Rockwood School District, the children, families and nurses at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, St. Ambrose Church & School and Temple Israel.

At the VJ Mancuso Memorial Fund, we raise money to enable children with special needs to learn with the same abilities of all children.  We empower teachers with equipment and resources to achieve these goals.  We offer resources to children, families and nurses at the Children’s hospital to help care for these special children during the most difficult times of their lives and inspire people to learn, laugh and love as VJ did.

We have faith that the efforts put forth from this organization will help support children and families in need, in honor of our son,  VJ Mancuso.

Vincent & Jennifer Mancuso

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